About Us

Founded in New York City, Women With Voices is a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit program under Brooksbrovaz Development INC, our goals are to support women from all walks of life in areas such as business, health, confidence, and other various areas of womanhood. We offer various services included, but not limited to workshops, networking events, wig donations for women with cancer and hair loss illness. We also counseling sessions, group sessions in person and via online supports platforms. These services unite, support, inspire, empower and uplift women in order to create a stronger more unified community.

Every March during women’s month we hold our annual award ceremony and soiree fundraiser. The “Changing the World One Woman at A Time” event honors inspirational women from all walks of life. While doing so we inspire everyone in the room by allowing the honors to tell their stories. We also spotlight men and organizations that empower and support women. Although the program originated in New York City, and is expected to expand to nationwide.